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The place, that means the same for both of us

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Thirtheen years ago, when I was still working in another restaurant, I met a wonderful little lady, who is one of my best friends ever since. (Seemingly, this story is not interesting, but just wait until the end). So this new-sprung friend introduced me to her cousin, who just started a big project near the Pest bridgehead of the Elizabeth bridge, at the Március 15. square. We didn’t really need many factors, we quickly became friends with Hubert, who showed me a photo of one chair in a huge room. „This is my dream!” – he said and he started telling me about the complex, that he planned in the gym hall of the old Piarist secondary school. It’s not only a restaurant, but more than that, a communal space where oldies, children, party animals, fine dining fans, people who only desire a wine spritzer or a pizza, critics, bohemians, careless people or the ones who work in a uniform can all find their place. At the time we discussed that maybe I would work for him, but when the place opened, my recently launched blog became successful and I got hired by a magazine. But our relationship with Hubert didn’t end and more than a decade long friendship ties us together now. Along with his cousin he is the witness of every segment in my life, my supporter, teacher and also a family member. Moreover, now I am also a columnal member of his family.

I think a lot about fate, how much control we have over things, what is destined to be, what can we change and how big of an effect we have on people. If a 13 year-old verbal agreement was predestinated to come true, then let’s lay it on fate that after all this time, since last November we are not only friends but also colleagues. Since then we are working together in his dream that became reality, which survived as many storms and successes during the past decade as I did. As social media brings up memories, I realize that i didn’t start working here half a year ago, but in the very beginning. Since then, I am its guest, fan, eager ambassador and - since last year - an official colleague.

My entry would not have been impressive if I don’t arrive on the Michelin – star day, which was earned by Babel (link) in 2022 again, and if I don’t pop in during the mesmerizing rehearsals of a modern revue show. The Kiosk Company which was founded at the end of December will perform the True Colors show for the seventh time on the 27th of May (link), and there is way more to come. It was uplifting and honourable to see how a reharsal transforms to a show, a singer to a diva, a dance company to a mind – blowing hot production. To witness how they change our restaurant to a real theatre, and how our beloved guests and friends pulse together with lights. At the premier Hubert and I danced on the bar counter, and then later when we saw the photos from the night we laughed at how this is when i lay low at my new job.

But you shouldn’t think that I’m only good at dancing on the counter (even though I have to admit, this is the best part of the job,) in April we launched our new menu (link) and our chefs created the new favourites: the asparagus soup and the pork secreto are world champions, but I can’t deny that our dessert selection is the dearest to my heart. If I tell you that the elderflower polenta with goat cheese and peach - even though it’s allergen free - is so tasty that I always pay one – minute of silence before eating, you have to believe me. Because even I, who has very special dietary restrictions can find new favourites on the menu.

On the 27th of May we are going to launch our breakfast also (link). From this day every week on Friday to Sunday we hope to see you from 9 o’clock in the morning. It was also always an important factor, that we have the best suppliers, the eggs are free-range and the bread is from the best bakeries, even our gluten – free bread is artisanal (i have to emphasize this), and our porridge is the most creamy in the city. Even though the menu says (against all my objections) that this is Hubert’s favourite, I won’t spill a big secret if I say it’s also mine.

So from Saturday morning we hope to see you with cold pressed juices, champagne cocktails, fresh juices with maracuja, with french toasts, various croissant sandwiches, every variant of egg dishes and with pletinful dishes aswell, but only if you want to have breakfast at the most beautiful square of the city.

And in the evening we can meet at the seventh True Colors show, where with Hubert and every member of our team, we are happy to see you.

I only believe in love- projects. I couldn’t work any other way if it was not a love for me too, if I didn’t see on the owner that it still means the same thing to him after all these years. But this can’t be achieved without hard work. I am glad that we are here, after all this time, together, not only as comrades, but as colleagues. We harvest the ripe fruits, but also raise new plants. Otherwise it’s not rewarding.

To many more years together.

And You, our friends, we hope to see you!


Éva Szentesi
writer, head of communications


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