Whether it is a birthday or any other family celebration, you will certainly find the cake you are looking for. Our fruit, chocolate and “free from” cakes are available in several sizes. Order the sweet KIOSK experience!

Please place your cake order via KIOSK WEBSHOP.

Please place your order at least 48 hours before the requested time it should be ready.

Your order will be finalised after the completion of the payment. The details will be sent via email.


Please be informed that takeaway boxes costs 300 HUF

6 servings – HUF 8,700
8 servings – HUF 11,600
12 servings – HUF 17,400
16 servings – HUF 23,200

Mango and raspberry everything-free cake:
6 servings – HUF 11,700
8 servings – HUF 15,600
12 servings – HUF 23,400

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  • Gesztenyés-csokoládés torta
    mandulás piskóta, csokoládékrém, gesztenye mousse
    6/8/12 szeletes
  • KIOSK csokitorta
    kakaós piskóta, ropogós karamell réteg, étcsokoládé mousse
    6/8/12/16 szeletes
  • Málnás-pisztáciás torta
    piskóta, pisztáciakrém, málna mousse
    6/8/12/16 szeletes
  • Mangós-málnás mindenmentes torta
    zabos piskóta, málna lekvár, mangókrém
    Glutánmentes, laktózmentes, hozzáadott cukor mentes
    6/8/12 szeletes
  • Túrós - Sárgabarackos torta
    citrusos piskóta, barackzselé, túrómousse
    6/8/12 szeletes
  • Vaniliás - Mákos torta
    mákos piskóta, maracuja zselé, vaníliás fehércsokoládé mousse
    6/8/12 szeletes
  • Csokoládé– Mangó- Maracuja torta
    kakaós piskóta, mangó-maracuja krém, étcsokoládé mousse
    6/8/12 szeletes
  • Eper-rebarbara pite
    mentes omlós tészta, epres rebarbara töltelék
    Vegán, gluténmentes, laktózmentes, hozzáadott cukor mentes
    12 szeletes


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday – Sunday
12:00 – 24:00

Between 16:30 and 17:30 the KIOSK kitchen and our confectionery department do not operate. In this period, we do not serve any dishes or desserts in the restaurant, and do not complete any deliveries either.
The first order is accepted at 11:30. Start of the deliveries: 12:00. The deadline for submitting the last order: 21:15. The kitchen closes at 22:00.
Thank you for your understanding.
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